Last summer I started researching which American medical schools I should be applying to. I quickly realized that this process was quite cumbersome, and consequently I asked my friend Jordan to help me out. Together we created a spreadsheet in an attempt to make sense of a vast amount of information. It ultimately took us two and a half months to determine the 7 medical schools we felt I had a good chance of gaining admission to.


Once my applications were in, we agreed that there needed to be an easier way to identify the medical schools that premeds should be applying to. We searched among online resources for a viable solution to this problem, but none of them satisfied our vision. As a result, we consulted our friend Alex and began brainstorming how we could develop a comprehensive service to address this need. From our discussions arose Find My School


Six months later, a pilot version of our product determined that I was only eligible to apply to 2 of the 7 schools I had applied to in the previous cycle. This solidified our belief that Find My School is capable of accurately selecting the best medical schools to match a student’s profile, while reducing the amount of stress associated with the process.


I look forward to helping you achieve your career aspirations. 




Young professionals looking to help students achieve their goals.


Co-Founder and President

I am currently a graduate student at Western University with the career aspirations of being a practicing physician.


Co-Founder and Vice President

I have just graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a dual degree in business and math and am now a full-time consultant in downtown Toronto.


Co-Founder and Vice President

I am currently in my third year of medical school at the University of Ottawa with the hope of becoming a family physician.




I am currently an MMASc Candidate at Western University aspiring to create innovative solutions in infectious disease management.


I am an MMASc Candidate at Western University working towards providing equitable healthcare access to all.


I am currently an MMASc Candidate at Western University with a background in Kinesiology/ Physical Education/ Biology from University of Alberta. I aspire to be part of the navigators of the intersectional forces impacting Afro health and inequities globally.


I am currently an MMASc Candidate at Western University, hoping to pursue a career in medicine.

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