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More Info About Find My School

How is Find My School different from its competitors?

Find My School is the first online service to provide you with a personalized list of medical schools ranked in the order in which you should consider applying to them. Beyond simply GPA and MCAT minimums, Find My School considers the specific coursework you have taken to determine your medical school eligibility. We also uniquely examine your personal preferences with respect to things like location, tuition, and desired medical specialty to ensure that you are applying to schools that meet your needs and goals.

What can I expect to receive when I register with Find My School?

Find My School carefully considers the information you provide to us to construct your medical school application report for the North American countries you are interested in applying to. We also offer a 30-minute consultation to review your report and answer any questions you have about medical school. If you're not ready to purchase, you can sign up to receive a free sample report, and simultaneously gain exclusive access to our special offers!

Can international students use Find My School?

Absolutely! Find My School considers the countries in which you have citizenship or permanent residency in order to best determine your application prospects. In addition, we consider the countries in which you have completed undergraduate education, even though you may not be from these countries. This distinction between place of residency and place of education is yet another feature that sets us apart from our competitors!

I’m a Canadian student trying to figure out where in the U.S. I have a decent shot at admission. Can Find My School help?

We can definitely assist you with this! We realize that there are many U.S. schools that view Canadian applicants as unfavourable for admission, or even deem these applicants ineligible from the start. Find My School takes this into account to ensure that your final U.S. report accurately reflects where a Canadian should be devoting their application efforts.

I’ve taken some of my coursework in an online format. How can I find out which schools accept online prerequisites?

Medical schools can be quite particular when it comes to online prerequisites! Rest assured, Find My School will only include in your final report those schools that accept your online coursework. We will also make a point of indicating which schools do not allow online labs, where they would otherwise accept online lecture components. Furthermore, Find My School considers AP credit and courses taken in community college when determining your eligibility.

I have completed or am in the process of completing additional post-secondary education after my undergrad. Is this something that Find My School considers?

Yes! Some medical schools, for example, require that postgraduate students be in the last year of their program before applying for admission to the MD program, and Find My School highlights which schools have criteria such as these. Moreover, when medical schools indicate that postgraduate education provides an advantage in the admissions process, Find My School factors this into your ranked list of schools.

Can I register with Find My School even if I haven’t taken the MCAT yet?

While it is possible for us to fulfill our service with only a GPA, we would typically analyze an MCAT score as well in order to provide you with the most comprehensive report. We thus recommend that you utilize Find My School once you have obtained your MCAT results. However, you can still register with us now, in which case we will wait to provide you with your report until after you write your MCAT. To facilitate a pre-emptive registration, we can provide you with a one-time discount on our service.

My first-year GPA is low compared to the following years. Does this ruin my chances of admission to medical school?

Not necessarily! Many Canadian medical schools calculate an adjusted GPA that may assign a lower weight to your first-year GPA, or even drop it altogether. There are also many schools in both the U.S. and Canada that do not have GPA minimums. Find My School considers all of this information to prepare your final report.

Don’t forget that the MCAT is often another important academic metric, and a competitive MCAT score may serve to balance your GPA. We would also like you to be mindful of the fact that in addition to GPA and MCAT, several other factors are considered in the admissions process, including community service, clinical experience, and research achievements.

It’s been a few years since I was in undergrad. Can I still use Find My School?

You most definitely can! Find My School will primarily use your undergraduate information to create your report, as well as any postgraduate education you may have also completed. One particular feature that may be especially useful in your case is our consideration of the oldest MCAT date accepted by each medical school.

How is Find My School involved with The Princeton Review?

Find My School and The Princeton Review have teamed up to provide you with multiple tools to aid your medical school applications! Once you register with Find My School, you will be entitled to a 15% discount on The Princeton Review’s Canadian Medical School Admissions Counseling.

External Resources

How do I register for the MCAT?

The following hyperlink will take you to the AAMC’s MCAT registration page. The AAMC also provides a variety of useful information about the MCAT and how to prepare for it.

What are some free MCAT resources available to me?

Check out the following options offered by the The Princeton Review: MCAT Free Online Practice Test - take a free full-length test MCAT Free Prep Trial - enroll in a free 14-day trial of all TPR MCAT Biology lessons MCAT Flashcards App - download a free flashcards app to help with your studying

How do I apply to U.S. medical schools?

The vast majority of U.S. medical schools receive applications from the AAMC’s AMCAS service.
There are 9 medical schools in Texas that receive applications from the TMDSAS service.

How do I apply to Canadian medical schools?

The 6 medical schools in Ontario receive applications through a centralized service called OMSAS. The remaining 11 medical schools in Canada each have their own application portals, which can be accessed via the respective school’s website.